What do we do

GIOS’s Resourcing Solutions is the ideal partner for all your resource management challenges based on our experience and global reach. We value ourselves on working with our clients as partners, almost considered as an extension of their own organisation to meet their resource support challenges.
With internal resource teams across many geographic regions our consultants are experienced longstanding industry professionals who are able to provide front end consultancy to ensure we design a service that meets your needs as GIOS understands that not every client is the same, so your service will be bespoke to you.
GIOS Resourcing Solutions provide tailored solutions to a number of Industry Sectors. Our innovative services specialising in 4 core service areas:
Our experience and focus in specialist areas allows us to deliver the recruitment solution most relevant to the demands of a particular position, whether that be permanent, contingent, or interim.
At GIOS we have built and maintain a single global database with over 200,000 professionals. This resource is the starting point for any assignment and can be augmented by our consultant’s networks, our research team and advertising on specialist online recruitment sites.
Our ability to source and select appropriate candidates for a given position is underpinned by the depth of experience and degree of specialisation of our consultants
Our Flexible Project Support Services is inherently designed to optimise the way that contingent workers (both contract and temporary) are sourced and managed.
This solution can be delivered through one of two engagement models; Managed Service and Managed Supply.

Managed Service:

This is a contracted service with clearly defined SLAs and processes designed to meet the needs of an organisation undergoing significant technology change, sustained headcount challenges and disparate or complex resourcing needs. It can involve dedicated on-site or offsite resourcing and service delivery resources dealing with pastoral care and forecasting requirements. Often this can be what is described as a blended service with some pure resource supply and some fixed task activity (i.e. installation services)

Managed Supply:

This maintains the high quality standards of the managed offering but operates more on non-committed supply relationship with shared account management and resourcing services working to agreed SLAs and standards.
Some of the key service elements can include:
  • Fixed and Set Rates: With many of our clients the idea of a standard daily or hourly rate is not always the most suitable solution and they would rather know what their cost would be before recruiting staff. This can be achieved by understanding the project and formulating a cost based quo. Alternatively in a long term supply relationship when a certain level of candidate would be required on a frequent basis we could come to a fixed lowered rate for certain levels of IT professionals based on either a 6 or 12 month cost plan which is on a ‘risk and reward’ basis.
  • Security Cleared Personnel: GIOS manages projects for a number of sensitive clients who require GIOS Contract Services to supply IT security cleared staff. With this in mind we have an established and proven (auditable) process to administer security clearances.
  • Programme & Project Support: We are a technology and services organisation that delivers projects in many locations for our clients which means that we understand our client’s objectives and challenges. Where GIOS is not required to own the project but purely support the client’s activities we can deploy our consultants to help meet your objectives in multiple country locations.
Unlike the traditional large and cumbersome Resource Process Outsourcing contracts, GIOS’s WorkWithMe service, is a quick and effective solution tailored to accommodate the needs of organisations with seasonal hiring patterns or relatively low volumes of recruitment.
Our tailored solution will help reduce time to hire, improve candidate quality, achieve cost savings for your business and manage every stage of the recruitment process from attraction, assessment through to the management of contracts and payroll
Our Strategic Augmentation services combines GIOS’s capability to deliver in numerous geographical location’s combined together with our Flexible Support Services allows an opportunity for clients to better staff their IT resources based on their global demand.
This service is characterised by:
  • Providing IT expertise, strategic thinking, business acumen, operations excellence and leadership to deliver value to client.
  • Developing capabilities in infrastructure & application platforms suitable for delivering IT Services.
  • Building a high-quality team with advanced engineering degrees.
  • Providing a Global delivery model with integrated reports, dashboards, SLA’s and KPI’s
  • Establishing an offshore IT Services centre in Hyderabad, India